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Ian Sadler grew up in Argyle, Tx and established deep roots in North Texas. He graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Sports Management, Personal Finance, and Organizational Leadership. Ian spent several exciting years playing for the Texas Tech Red Raiders as an inside receiver. Modestly, he never brags about what a dedicated athlete he was in high school and college. During his college football career, he served as one of Patrick Mahomes’ most reliable options year after year. He finished strong his last season, setting a new school record for yards of total offense for a Red Raider offense. Unfortunately, Ian had to turn in his cleats due to multiple knee injuries. A clear tribute to his character, this statement is worth noting.

“He just got to the point he played on it all last year, it was in bad shape and he wanted to push through and finish,” Kingsbury said. ”(His retirement) was doctors’ orders, really.”

Ian is legitimately genuine by nature but credits his discipline and competitive characteristics to his education and guidance from his football coaches. His mentors shaped him to value resilience, a strong work ethic, and loyalty. These combined attributes are what landed him here at BSBD Group as the youngest person ever to join our team. Ian has thrived in the Insurance industry; his deep roots and network have provided a springboard to succeed in his chosen profession. Our independent agency model allows him to deliver our risk management products his way, trustworthy and sincere.  He can not imagine choosing another career path. Ian has the opportunity every day to grow professionally/personally and has not looked back since his first day.

Ian has established himself as an asset here at BSBD Group and is looking forward to starting his new life with his fiancé Laine Lowry. The two of them have big wedding plans for next year and are ready to begin this adventure together.

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